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Remote IP Support Services

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Why Outsource IP Support Services? 

IP docketing is the management of all pertinent deadlines associated with various forms of IP (e.g., patent, trademark, etc.). Docketing is an essential part of any IP law firm and should be handled by a docketing professional.  IP law insurance carriers often require that docketing solutions are set up by IP firms.  Hiring of a dedicated in-house IP docket professional and/or IP paralegal adds significant cost to a firm's bottom line.  Docketing software can be very expensive and most solutions still require a dedicated professional to input docket data.  Autonomous docketing software may automatically pull patent and trademark office data from the web, but does not eliminate erroneous due date calculations. 

We offer our clients an alternative to traditional IP docketing and paralegal services. Our docketing team and paralegal teams members have countless years of experience in the patent and trademark field.   We provide complete patent and trademark services for your firm or corporation.  We keep track of all the pre-filing, post-filing and post-grant dates and deadlines associated with your patent and/or trademark portfolio.

Hard IP can also serve as your liaison to foreign counsel and perform IP paralegal tasks.  You will get all the benefits of a designated docketing specialist and IP paralegal for a fraction of the cost of an in-house staff member!  We will be happy to review your portfolio to determine which of our packages will work best for you and provide you with details and pricing.   


Please contact us at or (908) 377-0467 to obtain a quote.  

You may upgrade your subscription package or cancel anytime* and we can provide you with a complete listing of your portfolio at your request.  We work remotely to save you time and money while providing you with the highest quality support available. 

We operate remotely and can service clients anywhere in the United States. We're here to work for you on your schedule and even provide after-hour support (evenings, weekends, and holidays).** 

Get in touch with us to set up a free consultation or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about services which best suit your needs.

* Note that all cancellations require a two-month notification.  

** After-hour support may incur a surcharge.  



☎ CONTACT Jodi Lang, managing Docket administrator

(908) 377-0467


Services Offered

Complete IP Docketing including software

We provide docketing of your IP portfolio on a customizable cloud-based docketing system.  We offer practitioner-specific (or client-specific) dockets to best suit your needs. 

IP form preparation and preparation of shell templates

We offer form preparation, template creation, client correspondence and reporting services.  

The following lists exemplary forms:

  • IDS

  • Patent forms including power of attorney, 3.73, application data sheet, and PCT filing documents (including generation of e-PCT forms)

  • Preparation of transmittal letters

  • Generation of trademark forms

  • Assignment preparation and filing

  • Contacting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to request information

  • Conducting IP research

Docketing on your pre-existing software

If you currently enter docket items on your own existing software, we also offer docketing on your software platform.  

client correspondence and reporting services

At your request, we can send various reporting letters and correspond with clients and foreign agents.  By allowing us to handle correspondence, you can focus on other issues such as drafting and preparation of applications and office action responses. 

IP paralegal support including IP e-Filing

We offer a variety of IP paralegal support including IP e-filing for U.S. patent and trademark applications and international/PCT applications.  You will only be billed for paralegal work that is completed and will never incur additional recurring fees. 

workflow management assistance

Let us show you how we can assist with workflow management.  We can assign incoming matters based on your preferences, saving you time and money.


Docketing and IP support is the backbone of any IP firm. Docketing rules are dynamic and we believe that docketing should be handled by a well-seasoned docketing guru.
— Kinza Hecht, U.S. Registered Patent Agent, Hard IP LLC


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For job opportunities, please email us your resume. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to help our growing business. 

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