Remote IP Support Services
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IP Docketing and Paralegal Support

IP Docketing

Jodi Lang - Managing Docket administrator

We support a variety of in-house docketing software or can offer a cloud-based docketing solution (provided as part of your paid subscription).   We will review your entire portfolio and docket due dates accordingly.  If you decide to use our cloud-based docketing solution, you will receive a daily docket by email.   We can also monitor your U.S. patent applications through your Private PAIR account and docket your U.S. trademarks through an email address provided to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

IP Paralegal Support

Eddie Rowell - Managing ip paralegal

We offer a variety of patent and trademark paralegal services to suit your needs.  Our services include:

  • Filing e-PCT applications

  • Filing U.S. design and utility (provisional and non-provisional), including new, continuing, and reissue applications

  • IDS preparation

  • Patent forms including power of attorney, 3.73, declaration, application data sheet

  • Preparation of transmittal letters

  • Preparation of petition letters and forms

  • Generation of trademark forms

  • Assignment preparation and filing

  • Contacting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to request information

  • Conducting IP research

  • Filing trademark applications

  • Filing trademark response, 8&15's and renewals

We offer flat-fee packages as well as hourly rates.  Our paralegal hourly rates start at $70/hour.  Additionally, we provide paralegal support needed for urgent deadlines and holidays*. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or Inquiries.

*Urgent paralegal support rates incur additional fees. Contact us for additional details or a quote.

Temporary Services

Emergencies happen but your business must go on...

sick leave.jpg

Remote Docket understands that personal, physical and mental situations happen, but your business must go on.  We offer temporary services such as IP docketing services, IP paralegal services and patent prosecution services.  Whether it is maternity or paternity leave, personal leave, illness, family emergencies or other situations, Remote Docket is here to help.  If your employees are out, Remote Docket can step right into their shoes.  When your employees return, Remote Docket will help them seamlessly transition back into their permanent roles.  Our temporary services ensure job security for your employees and peace of mind for you.   

Other Services

patent prosecution services

Please visit for additional information regarding patent prosecution services.